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It was cool to hear, “I never heard that take on gay marriage before” or comments agreeing about what we could stand to lose, what makes us queer and gay. audiences are sometimes shocked that I go after some names. I look at Betty now and she’s a lot broader and very much aware of what makes Betty White work, and she plays into that really well, and I tap into that more. The couple of times they have given Rose the zinger, it’s odd. There’s the one where everyone realizes her teacher back at school was Hitler.

An old straight couple said, “Our friends got boring when they got married too.” A lot of younger people came and seemed to enjoy it, even though they didn’t get all the references. This is a fourth wall play and I’m playing a character, so I have to interact with three chairs and pretend to interact with these people. It’s so taboo to say anything remotely critical of any of our stars. We’re here for it.” I didn’t know if it would work in New York.

I can feel the energy off of those chairs and can almost feel that an audience is a fan or not a fan of the people I’m talking to.

She was extraordinary, as always, and basically turned the place into the Apollo.

Yeah, but none of the characters are doing drugs, but he suspects it. And then, Holliday took the tiny stage and started belting songs from .

Credit for the first part of today’s meme goes to E. Stephens, who left this comment on Christian Dating Tips – the one to avoid: “I learned the hard way that you should never date a man who’s threatened by your intelligence.” It was too good not to meme.

it in and they'll have their service dept check it out and sure enough I got here not even 5 min ago and my car is already back there getting the care it needs.

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