The toilers and the wayfarers online dating

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1123 King Henry I and his court spend Christmas at Kingsbury, Dunstable.1125 Work has started by this date on building the Augustinian Priory at Dunstable.An eclipse of the sun and moon is recorded by the canons.1209 King John sends a letter granting safe conduct to those collecting alms on behalf of the Hospital. The prior documents his vision of two Jews who said Anti Christ would be born 40 years later.1151 About this date ownership of Ruxox (Flitwick), a chapel of ease for those a long way from church, is given to Dunstable Priory by Philip de Sanvill.(His son Gilbert disputes the gift but changes his mind when he develops leprosy).1108 The Church of the Holy Trinity, Aldgate, is founded by Queen Maud. 1109 Around this time, Henry I establishes a town around the crossroads.1112-15 The first performance of a miracle play in England is given at Geoffrey de Gorham's school in Dunstable at around this time.

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The roof on the Priory's presbytery falls in but is quickly repaired.

1206 The priors lose their lands at Houghton and Dunstable gives 100 marks to the king plus a gift to the sheriff. 1208 The Priory of St Peter starts a hospital of St Mary Magdalene for lepers on the east side of South Street on the town boundary, which was the town side of the present Half Moon Lane.

The canons build an almonry (for the distribution of alms).

1217 Itinerant justices come to Dunstable and take the people's oath of allegiance to Henry III. The prior enforces his claims of tithe of hay against many parishioners.

The English barons with Louis, Dauphin of France, in arms against the king, halt for a night in Dunstable after their defeat at Lincoln, and badly damage the church. Robert, Bishop of Lismore, and Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, at Dunstable.

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