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Left: First original publications of the RDG novels(#1-4) by Noriko Ogiwara(6 novels in total published) Right: Reprint of the RDG novels to coincide with the anime series RDG: Red Data Girl was a series I only started watching recently.Based on the novel series by Noriko Ogiwara, I am impressed by both the artistic quality and supernatural/spiritual themes prevalent throughout the show.She also realised that she is indeed not NORMAL and couldn't live a normal life with normal people.Masumi appears and persuades her to stay in this dimension/layer forever with him and other ghosts.The climax is how Izumiko comes back to her sense (thanks to Miyuki and the cellphones) and dances to send all the ghosts back.

Takayanagi is also turned into a cute white dog by Izumiko (poor him.

2) Did Yukimasa ever have sinister agendas towards Izumiko and her powers, or was he just being too overprotective of her by not answering her questions?

3) Is the drama surrounding the Souda siblings ever resolved in vol 6? My understanding is that the RDG TV series has already ended.

Miyuki later finds out about Izumiko's disappearance. At first Wamiya rejects saying that Izumiko said 'Don't come' (you already watched this in ep 11) and now he senses that she doesn't want to come back plus she is with Masumi who is apparently stronger than him (if you're reading the novel you could feel ever since the volume 3-4 that Wamiya is jealous of Masumi).

However, Wamiya finally agrees only to transfer both Miyuki and Takayanagi the dog into another dimension but they must find a way to Izumiko by themselves.

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