Over accomodating for fat people

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None of their employees either on the phone nor in person had the straight story on how big, how heavy, or the price of the "extra" baggage.Finally, I just had to go with the bus driver's word on all three of these things, and even ended up unloading the luggage off the bus *myself* to get my bike in there, then reloading it.I will never travel overseas with my bicycle using UA again.Found it was very easy to take a fully loaded rig onto the Downeaster.

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If the other people had more luggage, we might not have been able to fit, but I sure didn't need the van to myself.

) charge for the JAL flight was to to check it only to Chicago.

Once there, I had to claim the bike, and lug it, my French horn and another carry-on onto the train to go to a different terminal to catch the JAL flight.

UA does not have the capability of charging for a bike box at the terminal.

I was charged 0 one way and when I wrote to customer service, ponting out that I was overcharged according to UA's own rules, they refused to refund me.

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