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A few principles to bear in mind: In politics, don’t just listen to the words or watch the actions of the politicians only. Once that is identified, it is much easier to track the moves made by the politicians.3.1 Topple Opposition State Governments Let us look at some examples in the past: 1.

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More ( Don't let the quarrels between the Singapore and Malaysian governments fool you. THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: HOW DID UMNO STAY IN POWER FOR SO LONG? In the previous chapter we touched on three strategies that UMNO uses to gain and hang on to power. From this exercise, we can compare how having a mental model will help greatly in our understanding of events. It is usually related to greed for power and money, and fear of loss of power.Perak Speaker being forcibly dragged out by police. action=view¤t=policeusingforceonperakspeaker.jpg) action=view¤t=perakspeakerforciblyremovedbyplain-.jpg) action=view¤t=perakspeakerbeingdraggedaway070509.jpg) and here. ( Bloggers were analyzing the events and condemning UMNO’s blatant abuse of the Constitution.The NGOs, civil society and the lawyers were actively challenging the Government through their knowledge of the laws and the Constitution.So the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, did the next best thing – expel ( They kept it ready to be used as and when necessary.actno=1997-REVED-INDEP&doctitle=INDEPENDENCE OF SINGAPORE AGREEMENT 1965 &date=latest&method=part&segid=888373490-000102) Singapore from Malaysia on . Perak Coup Previously, through total control of the media, UMNO could determine the information fed to the Rats.

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