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When we talk, it's total ecstasy." Now, though, they don't speak. At 39, does she still need father figures as directors, lovers, friends? But, no, I can't say that people I've been with are like father figures." (Her ex-husband, Ibrahim Moussa, would seem to disagree: "She never wanted to marry me," he has said.

"I try to talk to her," Kinski tells me, "but she doesn't talk to me. But I say to her, to be alive is to communicate.' Kinski thinks for a moment: 'And I've told my mother, life is not endless, and I really want you to be fulfilled – but anyone can say sorry later." There is, it seems, a mother-lode of sorrow and high drama in Kinski's life. ." But she's a trouper, and when she joins me, the smile is ravishing, the apologies winning. "I was more of a father to her than a husband.") Directors in whom she wishes to put her filial trust include the 55-year-old Terrence Malick (she loves his Days of Heaven), the 63-year-old Warren Beatty, and the 82-year-old Swedish maestro Ingmar Bergman. She has, after all, worked with the best; but she has also done 'other things that were not like that - and it's very painful.' (Terminal Velocity, a 1994 action flick, and Danielle Steel's The Ring in 1996 should, perhaps, be uppermost in her mind.) Now she wants to be working with people who are 'very challenging', and to take on subjects that are very challenging: she would, she says with a self-deprecating smile, like to make documentaries about the Pope, Nelson Mandela and Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler's favourite film director.

"Well, maybe there was one person I worked with that I had a relationship with.

And it's just so many fantasies." When people did see Nastassja Kinski, back in 1982, they saw one of the most beautiful women in the world.

And, by 1984, they saw a woman who had made the lustrously memorable Paris, Texas and who was, it seemed, certain to become the most famous film star in the world. " says Kinski, her American English flecked with the seductive accents of a cosmopolitan upbringing. The couple also had a daughter, Sonia, now 14, but divorced in 1992 and are currently at war: Kinski refers to him as "that person".

Kinski has another daughter, Kenya, aged six, by Quincy Jones, the record producer.

And now that I had little kids, that's what I wanted to do: to be there. That hasn't happened." But did she never see him again?

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They saw someone whose father was the notoriously crazy, notoriously charismatic and unbelievably destructive German actor, Klaus Kinski. And that's why I feel that now I've done The Claim [her latest film] with all these wonderful actors, it's such a relief.On January 12, 2015 Moussa Ibrahim spoke publicly by video link at a political event hosted at the Committee Rooms Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London from an undisclosed location, also the Director of Private Security Company.Ibrahim was born on 7 December 1974 into Gaddafi's Qadhadhfa tribe.His status and whereabouts remained unknown following the Battle of Tripoli in which the Gaddafi government was overthrown, although there were several claims and subsequent refutations of his capture.Eventually, in late 2014, it was discovered he was in Egypt before he was deported and fled to Serbia.

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