Evangelical dating

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The second issue, of course, is whether the assumptions essential to YEC offer a tenable approach to doing science.

As we shall see in some detail, they manifestly do not.

Before I address these points, some preliminary remarks are in order.

Evangelicals share the belief that of Scripture is inspired by God and, when properly interpreted, completely trustworthy and authoritative in everything it teaches.

It is a perilous and intensely personal intellectual journey that seeks a path between the Scylla of rejecting the inspiration and normative authority of Scripture and the Charybdis of a naive and inflexible fundamentalism, a journey fraught with opposition from anti-intellectual traditionalists yet still largely subject to the disdain of the secular academic community.

Nonetheless, it is a necessary path if the truth of Christianity is to be given a credible intellectual defense in the modern world.

The first is reactionary from the tradition and seeks either to insulate the community of faith from the modern world to protect it from contamination, or to undermine and subvert the powerful intellectual tools of modernity with the goal of preserving the tradition unmodified.Three crucial points motivate the YEC perspective on the relationship between and the whole of Scripture, along with a number of subsidiary questions that must be addressed.First, young-earth creationists believe that faithful interpretation of Scripture requires the six days of creation and the seventh day of rest in the first chapter of respectively—that the earth itself be about six thousand years old, Secondly, they believe that faithful interpretation of Scripture requires Adam and Eve to be literal historical persons who were the unique ancestors of the entire human race.I am under no illusion that the rapprochement I offer here by way of critiquing young-earth creationism and absorbing what modern science and historical biblical scholarship has shown to be true is the reconciliation, and insofar as it eschews the particular scandal of the evangelical mind constituted by young-earth creationism while succeeding to demonstrate that an orthodox evangelical integration of science and biblical scholarship is possible, it will have served its purpose.Speaking from evangelical culture, there are two primary questions of concern when evaluating young-earth creationism as a view of the relationship between Scripture and science.

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