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Nevertheless, its precise identity has never been satisfactorily ascertained."Nowadays a totally forgotten felid, this mysterious melanistic was referred to as the `cougar noire' by the eminent eighteenth-century naturalist de Buffon, and as the `jaguarete' (a less ambiguous name, which I therefore prefer and shall use hereafter in this book) by his equally eminent contemporary Thomas Pennant.

However, in the virtually verbatim version of Pennant's description which appeared in Thomas Bewick's , S.

In all the time that I have been researching and documenting creatures of cryptozoology (almost 30 years now!

), I have encountered few subjects engendering more controversy and confusion than the reality, or otherwise, of black pumas.

Inhabits Brasil and Guiana (Guyana]: is a cruel and fierce beast; much dreaded by the Indians; but happily is a scarce species.'"In addition, Hodgson noted that it frequented the seashore and that it preyed upon a variety of creatures (including lizards, alligators and fishes) as well as devouring turtles' eggs and (rather curiously) the buds and leaves of the Indian fig.""What could the jaguarete be?

Hodgson referred to it merely as `the black tiger'.

Hodgson's choice of name would seem to imply that the jaguarete is truly nothing more than a straightforward melanistic jaguar.

Equally, the Carandahy River specimen's appearance was described by Thomson in his book THE JAGUARETE – AN AMALGAMATED ANOMALY?

Yet although exceedingly scarce today, black pumas do seem to have been more common in past ages, certainly in South (even if not in North) America, because there are a number of reports and even one or two early illustrations of such cats, sometimes dubbed ‘couguars noires’, in archaic natural history tomes.

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